Our mission at Healing Honeybee is to make energetic healing and deep insight available to everyone. We can all benefit from balancing our states of mind and enhancing our environments. Building an energy toolkit equips us with the skills to understand the energies that influence our lives. This helps us better understand ourselves and others. Contact us to start building your energy toolkit!


Deepen your healing process or inner work with a personalized session. Energy Balancing, Craniosacral and Tarot Readings are all available! 

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Classes and Workshops

I offer Energy Toolkit for Everyday Life, Shiatsu, Tarot, and Reiki classes and workshops in a variety of ways. They can be 1 hour, 1 day, or longer retreats. 

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Events Calendar

Healing Honeybee is available worldwide to host personal empowerment retreats and to teach intuitive skills classes. We are adding more events to the calendar all the time. Check to see when we are going to be in your neighborhood!